Medical Billing & Collection Services

The experienced team of CyberHelp HealthSolution provides medical billing and collection services and offers decisive and customized solutions to Medicaid HMOs, Medicare, PBMs, including providing Commercial Insurance Plans to accomplish long-term success. We provide comprehensive medical collection services to assist healthcare providers in recovering outstanding payments and maintaining their account receivable. At CyberHelp HealthSolution, you can easily meet your unique needs with us and get full-cycle of medical billing and collections services at a reasonable cost.


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

What We Include in Our Billing & Collection Services

  • Timely submission of accurate and complete claims to insurance companies.
  • Streamline the entire revenue cycle, from claim generation to payment posting. 
  • Verify insurance claims to ensure accurate medical billing and avoid claim rejections due to inaccuracy. 
  • Handle patient billing, which include – generating and mailing statements, tracking payments, and managing collection. 
  • Make sure the billing and collection processes remain in compliance with industry standards and regulations.