Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Our expert team provides medical billing services tailored to the specific needs. With our efficient coding practices and attention to details we ensure accurate claim submission and improve revenue generation. Moreover, our medical billers collect a variety of data that is required for the UB-04 Form (hospital billing) or CMS 1500 Form (physician billing).

CyberHelp HealthSolution is one of the reputable medical billing companies in the USA offering comprehensive services to healthcare providers. 


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

Types of Data Use in Medical Billing

  • Patient Data – The Patient Demographic Information, from the Patient’s name, date of birth, address, sex, and insurance information displayed on the top of the CMS 1500 Form.
  • Medical Data – It is the data that is collected by physicians, including the diagnosis of the patient or illness or date of injury to fulfill the needs of the middle section of the CMS 1500 Form. Moreover, medical practitioners prepare the patients’ diagnosis reports by leveraging a code from the International Classification of Disease (ICD) Coding Book.
  • Charge Data/Services Rendered – In this procedure, physicians display the services with monetary charges linked with each provided service and use the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Coding Book for reports.

Revenue Cycle Management

Other than insurance claim submission to collecting data from payers, the medical biller ensures that the data is accurate and the claim has been correctly assessed. Additionally, Medical Billing Specialists post the claim based on payments coming from insurance payors or the patients. After that, the remaining balance is then amended, written off, or pursued through collections.

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