Credentialing Services

At CyberHelp HealthSolution, we offer a comprehensive range of medical credentialing services, a time-tested technique to ensure that providers of organizations comply with state and regulatory bodies before taking direct membership of mentioned facilities.

We obtain, verify, and understand the qualification of a provider in our credentialing and billing services, in order to decide whether the applicant is eligible for work in the organization or not. Being the leader in medical credentialing services, we take care of stringent compliance standards and best practices to evaluate the applicants and their competencies in the right manner. Accurate credentialing in medical billing is crucial for healthcare providers, contact us for professional and reliable credentialing services in medical billing. We are committed to helping you navigate the credentialing and billing services seamlessly and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

Whether it is the matter of checking the professional history of the applicant, consulting with various resources from social to academic, or taking end-user reviews based on the quality services that the applicants have received, we satisfy all kinds of requirements and work on the subject in a systematic and organized way.

Following are the steps of our credentialing process:

  • After taking documents from providers, we thoroughly review them and send requests or follow up for additional proofs and documents.
  • Perform verification of credentials via primary and secondary sources as acknowledged by CMS and/or NCQA.
  • Generate credential reports for approval or denial.
  • Give alerts or notifications to providers via certified mail and allow the committee to take decisions within 30 business days.

Benefits of Choosing Our Credentialing Services

  • Experienced professionals have in-depth knowledge of the credentialing in the medical billing process. We stay updated with the industry regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance and accuracy. 
  • Credentialing and billing services are time consuming and complex tasks. By outsourcing this process, healthcare providers can focus on core responsibilities and save valuable time. 
  • By ensuring credentialing in the medical billing cycle, we help to maximize revenue and reduce claim denials for healthcare providers. 
  • Medical credentialing services are essential for maintaining compliance with industry regulations and mitigating risks. 

Are you planning to get Credentialing Services?

You’ve made a great decision. At Cyber Help Health Solutions, we have dedicated and experienced credentialing veterans who strictly follow the guidelines and standards set as per NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) & Medicare Managed Care Manual. For more information, request a demo.