Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Services

Earlier, medical transcription services were a painful task because they consumed a lot of physicians’ time while transferring handwritten notes to paper-based patient records. However, today’s medical transcription in medical billing Services includes smart automation, such as intelligent audits, voice-guided inputs, and even leveraging the highly sophisticated tools to save time and effort and eliminate errors.

At Cyber Help Health Solutions, we offer Medical Transcription Services and ensure accuracy, flexibility, and speed to help our customers get complete satisfaction and fulfill their basic to unique requirements.


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One-Stop Platform for Medical Transcription Services

If you are looking for a comprehensive range of medical transcription companies in USA, you must consult with us to acquire Medical Transcription Services that are:
● Cost-effective: For per gross 55-character line, our transcription cost is around 8.72 cents.
Hence, we will save you a maximum of 55% while performing transcription in-house and save about 32% when doing it on our computers.
● Easy Accessibility: For every account, we have a dedicated manager who serves you as a single point of contact and ensures to manage all your work activities or matters related to your transcription.
● Faster Turnaround Time: Complete your transcriptions within 24 hours and promise to give you a faster turnaround time.
● Secure: we consider the best practices for data security in order to comply with HIPAA Laws and ensure the highest level of privacy.
● 100% Accuracy & Error-free Solutions: Follow the stringent quality control measures and perform audits consistently so that you can get 100% accuracy for every byte of transcription that will be done without any bugs or errors.

EMR-based Transcription

To help you avoid typing and trouble-based tasks, we import your transcripts into your EMR and record the dictations on mobile phones, handheld recorders, or can send via toll-free numbers. Make sure the additional cost can apply based on the requirements and capabilities of the EMR.

Efficient Document Management System

If you don’t have EMR, you can use our Document Management System that is super efficient to access past and recent transcripts, sign electronically, edit documents with ease, plus help doctors get printing and fax options without any hassle.

Online Transcripts Service

With Cyber Help Health Solutions, you can view your notes anytime and anywhere. Whether it is your office, home, or clinic, we ensure to give you excellent performance and let you access your notes by using your Apple or Android devices or your personal computers.