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Get our medical billing and coding services and resolve a wide array of challenges and issues that you face everyday in your hospitals or clinics while managing payments. At CyberHelp HealthSolution, we offer specially-designed and top-notch medical coding services to physicians and the people who want to improve their productivity and quality by leveraging efficient billing workflows and processes.

As one of the trusted medical coding companies, we specialize in providing solutions to streamline your healthcare coding processes. Our reliable and efficient medical billing and coding services support the seamless integration with your existing Electronic Health record (EHR) systems, minimizing disruptions and enhancing workflow efficiency. Contact us to learn more about how medical coding services optimize your healthcare operations. 


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

Our Medical Billing Includes:

Our Medical Billing includes appropriate interpretation of SOAP notes in order to determine the correct coding combinations as per payer requirements.

We’ve gained a thorough understanding of Medical Coding & Billing Services to help reduce denials and let you experience a huge decrease in AR.

Apart from this, we conduct a systematic approach to eliminate the chances of untimely denials when accepting requests for medical notes and early identification.

For effective management of the follow-up process, we classify all claims by age and insurance, mainly which are not closed yet in the system. At Cyber Help Health Solutions, we also take follow-ups on secondary claim billings to improve your collections and reduce your patient’s financial stress.

Why Select Us for Medical Coding & Billing Solutions?

  • Ensure accurate coding combination from Diagnosis Code, Service Code, Modifiers to Place of Service Code.
  • Error-free data entry of patients.
  • Assure all audits-based transactions of patients and their charge entries in real-time.
  • Submit claims within 48 hours while collecting payments based on insurance & demographic) and service information.
  • Give a response to your rejection within 24 hours.
  • Monitor and ensure follow-ups on incorrect or partial payments.
  • Manage denials based on detailed analysis.
  • Proactive & Methodological AR follow-up.
  • Post payments on time to show accurate AR.
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA & other regulations.
  • Provides customized reporting solutions for Claims Submission, Collections, Denials, and Accounts Receivables.