Software Services

Software Services

We are specialized in three types of programming that you will get in terms of services:

  • Software Application Development Services
  • Database Programming and ETL Services
  • Software Testing Services


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

Software Application Development Services

Medical billing software typically offers a range of features and functionalities designed to automate and streamline the process of medical billing. These medical billing software services are developed to assist healthcare providers, medical billing companies, and other healthcare organizations in managing their billing operations effectively and efficiently.

With the advancements of technology, medical software development services have become more sophisticated offering real time capabilities that enhance accuracy in billing operations. Additionally, medical billing softwares enables seamless integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR), facilitating the exchange of patient information and improves the workflow efficiently. 

Many medical billing software solutions incorporate features to ensure compliance with industry regulations and guidelines, such as – HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements. Additionally, some medical billing software encompasses broader RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) functionalities, covering areas beyond billing, such as – scheduling, patient eligibility verification, and financial analytics. 

With CyberHelp HealthSolution software application development services, one can leverage technology to drive innovation and gain competitive edge in the healthcare sector. 

Database Programming and ETL Services

From Lab Data, Rx Data, Eligibility Data, Pharmacy Data, Adjustment Data, Capitation Data, MAO Data, MMR & MOR Data to HRA (Health Risk Assessment) Data, we have knowledge of working on several kinds of data that is mainly used in Healthcare Facilities and Services, Database Programming and ETL Services.

With our Database Programming and ETL Services, we develop new concepts and collaborate with business users for designs and many other IT Service Delivery teams to resolve the most complex changes/issues and implement new services by following strict compliance with regulatory and client standards and practices.

We have an experienced team for database services and ensure to perform several standards to complex DBS functions, including physical database design, logical database design, performance tuning, analyzing and monitoring database performance, SQL coding, and optimization techniques and resource utilization across many databases to develop Memory/CPU/Storage Capacity Projections, ensure system availability, and boost operational efficiency. We can also successfully implement the DILM (Data Integration Lifecycle Management) using Version Management, effective Configurations Management, Quality Management, Documentation, and Deployment.

Software Testing Services

Whether you are looking for cloud-based, web-based, mobile, and desktop applications, software testing & quality assurance services, we have every solution for you and ensure the accuracy, stability, and reliability of software. We follow the best practices in the industry to address various challenges.

Apart from this, we have practiced risk-based testing methodologies to address Project, Business, and Technology risks. By choosing the right combination of software tools, testing processes, technology expertise, methodologies, and domain knowledge, we assure that software deliveries are free of bugs.

Moreover, we have testing service specialists to help the clients fulfill their quality objectives and develop a set of steps supported by strategies, plans, and processes to enhance the quality of shipped software so it can fulfill reliability and performance requirements.

In addition, we assure you that as a user of our service, you will get valuable guidance from us, plus we will help you get a systematic, faultless, and consistent approach for your software assets throughout the life-cycle. Our knowledgeable IT professionals offer a wide range of solutions to clients, solve their major business challenges, and allow them to experience cost-saving benefits.

Our Comprehensive Software Services Include:

  • Technology Architecture Consulting
  • Business Analysis and System Design
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Application Software Development
  • Issue Resolving and Troubleshooting
  • Production Support

Managing Patches, Updates, and more!