Dental Billing

Dental Billing Services

CyberHelp HealthSolution is leading in dental billing services that ensures maximum claim approvals on the first submission and promises to increase your organization’s revenue with the best dental billing services. 

Whether it is the matter of Dental Billing, Medical Billing, or Credentialing, we have experienced and skilled medical billing experts to take care of your all requirements.


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

Our Offerings for Dental Billing Services Include:

  • Dental Insurance Verification
  • Dental Coding Services
  • Dental Patient Demographics Entry
  • Dental Billing Charge Entry
  • Dental Claims Submission
  • Dental Payment Posting
  • Dental AR Follow-Up
  • Dental Denial Analysis

Dental Insurance Verification

Get Our Health and Dental Insurance Verification Services to reduce insurance rejections and denials. We have the expertise and required skills to provide you with eligibility and verification benefits without any hassle.

Dental Coding Services

We have professional medical coders to provide you ICD-10 and CPT billing and coding services for your dental practices and ensure that no claims will get rejected due to incorrect coding in dental practice.

Dental Patient Demographics Entry

We have the necessary skilled resources to assist you with reliable patient demographic data entry. We develop and manage patient files that contain vital patient information such as insurance provider information, contact information, and so on.

Dental Billing Charge Entry

We have specialists for Dental Billing Charge Entry to check all the relevant information based on costs and the payments and confirm 100% accuracy before submission.

Dental Claims Submission

If you submit your claims on time, you can get the best dental insurance services to submit your claims and receive the payments in a timely manner. We also maintain the cash flow in a streamlined way.

Dental Payment Posting

We have the capabilities and the necessary resources to manage your payment publishing needs and address the denials as fast as possible.

Dental AR Follow-Up

A lot of clients feel regret after giving payments for dental services. However, being the trustworthy medical billing expert, we take care of all your dental accounts receivable follow-up and confirm that you will receive your payments on time.

Dental Denial Analysis

Our team at Cyber Help Health Solutions takes responsibility for denial management and identifies the main reason for its rejection. Besides, we provide the necessary information and rectify the incorrect data to expedite the refund process for denials.

All You Need to Know About the Dental Billing Process

Dental Billing is the process where you can get compensation for the dental practice. Moreover, Our Dental Billing Process includes two phases that you can discover below:

Phase 1: Life-cycle of a Dental Patient

  • Create Dental Appointments
  • Enter Data into the Dental Software
  • Perform Insurance Verification
  • Complete Dental Appointments

Phase 2: Life-cycle of Dental Claims

  • Create dental claims and use batches for submission
  • Have insurance carrier process and pay claims
  • Post payments in the dental software

Are you ready to take Dental Billing Services to bring money to your dental office? Consult with us today. We have a step-by-step process to satisfy your dental billing & reporting needs, plus exceed your expectations.