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DME Billing Services

CyberHelp HealthSolution is a one-stop shop that offers comprehensive RCM support in DME billing services and ensures to give unmatched flexibility while delivering actionable support at the finest pricing standards.

We have a dedicated model of engagement to help you get services in two ways: stand-alone or end-to-end basis, which means there is no need to choose an integrated approach when it comes to making a selection from our services. Moreover, at CyberHelp HealthSolution, we have a range of proficient teams for Practice Management or for managing DME in medical billing in the competitive environment.


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

What DME is All About?

DME is a Durable Medical Equipment, a therapeutic item prescribed by medical practitioners for patients suffering from a particular medical condition. Before obtaining this item, it is necessary to know the significance of the DME in medical billing. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to fulfill your medical necessities or needs at a reasonable cost.

Some of the best examples of Durable Medical Equipment are Nebulizers, CPAP, Kidney Machines, etc. With Durable Medical Equipment, patients can get therapeutic relief for a long time even if the condition is highly critical. Items which come under DME billing services are durable for an extended period of operations.

What is DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Billing?

After coding the invoice or when the invoice gets coded, it is necessary to collect all the documents to continue with the procedure of Claims Submission. In case of insufficient knowledge of payer requirements or missing documents, one can experience higher rates of denial. To manage the front and back-end activities effectively, one can consider DME in medical billing because with this process, you will be able to get paid for a claim from the insurance. Plus, it ensures that the claim, which is submitted without any errors, helps you reduce denials, days in A/R (Accounts Receivable) and guarantees the improvement of cash flow.

What is DME Coding?

Durable Medical Equipment in Medical Coding is a unique segment in which coders have a detailed knowledge of all the directory of codes, which are utilized under the DME billing. For instance, the HCPCS code for CPAP is E0601. Moreover, it translates the process and helps both providers and distributors track their billing in order to get claims faster.

Why is DME Billing Essential for your Revenue?

Due to the unsteady dynamics of the regulatory standards with compliance, the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) is experiencing a rapid growth phase. Furthermore, home care will be in high demand due to the growing number of aging population, highest sleep apnea cases, and respiratory problems.

In this case, choosing a reliable partner is necessary because it will help you handle all your front office requirements and make it possible for you to create sales orders, complete the entry of patient demographics, and let you check all the documents based on eligibility.

Today, many providers choose the outsourcing option in DME billing because it is a wonderful technique to continue the work without worrying about staff shortages. When missing the DME Billing process, you can experience high operating expenses, low productivity, and operational disruptions due to a lack of trained resources. On the other hand, with Outsourcing DME Billing, one can easily reduce operating costs and generate value by focusing on the part of collections improvement.

Why Choose Cyber Help LLC for DME Billing Services?

At CyberHelp HealthSolutions, you can ensure the collection rate by 97% because we are the leading company that deals with stringent pre-billing services, including Eligibility, Prior DME Billing Authorization, Physician’s Office Follow-up, Order Entries, and Confirmation. We ensure to overcome your future issues if you face any claim denials or rejections in medical billing. Besides, we have many years of expertise in Order Processing Services. Below we have mentioned some key highlights to help you know about our DME Billing Services better.

Key Points of our DME Billing Services

  • Follow-up on incomplete prescription with doctor’s office
  • Follow-up for document collection (LMN, CMN, diabetic verification forms, etc.)
  • Ensures patient entry without any errors
  • Defect-free sales order creation
  • 100% HIPAA Compliance assurance
  • Audits transactions in real-time
  • Done insurance verification on a primary and secondary basis
  • Verify insurance for rental claims
  • Ensure authorization and provides extending support
  • Open order audit and clean-up
  • Track CPAP user compliance and include counseling calls for non-compliant patients
  • Ensure claims submission within 48 hours of receiving proof of delivery
  • Responds to rejection within 24 hours
  • Tracking and follow-up for incorrect or partial payments
  • Manage denials based on detailed analysis
  • Proactive and methodological AR follow-up
  • Post payments promptly to reflect accurate AR
  • Customized reporting

Get Robust Redundancy Plan in DME Billing Services If You have

  • Lack of staff due to rising rates of employment
  • Shortage of staff due to the event of a natural disaster
  • Migrated resources for satisfying project deadlines

Benefits of Our DME Billing Services

  • Unparalleled productivity standards
  • No adjustments or write-offs on claims without your consent
  • Tailor-fit reporting system to fulfill your specific needs
  • Specialized in both Pre & Post DME Billing
  • 100% HIPAA Compliance
  • Our price is as low as $7/Hr
  • Reduce operational cost by 70%
  • Provide end-to-end support with the assistance of dedicated account managers
  • Working with a large number of DME clients across the United States and can provide excellent references.
  • Liability Insurance Cover Of $1/3 Million From Hiscox/ Geico For Any Errors Of Omission & Commission
  • No agreement or binding contract with 30 Days Exit Clause

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The reason why you have a need to outsource your DME Billing is that at Cyber Help Health Solutions, we offer customized support for both Pre & Post Billing Services and help you fulfill your RCM requirements with ease. In addition, we ensure versatility for all several and emerging practice management systems and help you get an expert team in just $7 / hour. Our reporting system is fully customized. Apart from this, our ability to reduce billing costs by 70% makes us one of the Best DME Billing Companies in the market.

We have unique proficiency in delivering services and items used in DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics Orthotics and Supplies) Space. From Power Mobility Products, CPAP Devices, Diabetic Supplies, Orthotics & Prosthetics Supplies to Enteral Nutrition, we’ve covered almost everything in our DME Billing Services. For more information, you can contact us today.

Being a 360-degree Revenue Cycle Management Company, we have robust security standards and strictly follow 100% HIPAA  Compliance to deal with your PHI (Protected Health Information). Also, we follow ISO Certified standards and take care of encryption while exchanging any PHI information through emails. Other than this, we are a trustworthy company that ensures to give its 100% for DME Billing Services in healthcare.

We are experts in using all kinds of software from CPR+HME, Brightree, OPIE, including DMEWORKS, NikoHealth, TeamDME, and many more. Also, we can efficiently work with any client’s proprietary platform and gain a detailed understanding without charging an extra cost.

At Cyber Help Health Solutions, we have a flexible approach with contractual delegations with a “no binding system”. Thus, if you want to start work with us, you can connect with our experts immediately and give us a chance to create a win-win statement for you with our DME Billing Services.

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