Patient Collection Service

Patient Collection Services

At CyberHelp HealthSolution, our patient collections team is dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations in effectively managing and resolving outstanding patient balances. 

With patient billing services, accurate and efficient invoicing and payment processing are ensured, enhancing financial operations and improving the overall patient experience. Experience the expertise of advanced technology of our patient account services and let us support your healthcare organization in achieving financial success. Contact us for comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Get in touch with our experts on our functional best practices that streamlines your medical billing priorities.

In order to make the process efficient and effective, our team implements the following steps:

  • Review patient’s account accurately and quickly during incoming calls or before making an outgoing call.
  • Interact with patients at the time of the courtesy call.
  • Accept payments in accounts and give the commitment to pay in the notes.
  • After careful verification of accounts, go through the patient’s account information as per their authority if required.
  • Identify the patient’s financial issues and provide appropriate financial assistance and payment plans based on their eligibility and circumstances.
  • Before patient billing, we explain and confirm the charges on a statement.
  • Perform tracking and give assurance for all accounts’ follow-up that helps improve turnaround time.
  • Manage billing disputes and explain whether the charges are needed to be written off.
  • Communicate with the attorney’s office selected by the responsible/patient party in the interests of the provider’s office, plus correspond with payers to discuss a claim or check the patient’s eligibility.
  • Examine the past due reports and forward the eligible accounts with proper ledger write-offs to the 3rd party collections department.
  • Communicate with the 3rd party collection agency to resolve patients’ accounts issues and ensure that their problems will be resolved on time.
  • Promise to give excellent service to customers and maintain healthy & long-lasting relationships with patients and businesses.

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